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Recent News: US Men's National Soccer team Loses 1-0 to

                        Costa Rica in FIFA's Friendly Match !

SMI SPORTS / October 13, 2015


INEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,10.13.15)The US Men's National team loss 1-0 to Costa Rica in last FIFA's friendly match prior to the Elimination Rounds for the 2018 Russia World's Cup @ RedBulls Arena, NJ.A US team that comes from losing to Mexico 3-2 in the play-off berth for the Confederation spot 2017, had a new line-up of new players

who seem to lack of synchronization whiting each other,created only few opportunities of goal to the Costa Rican's goal during the entire match.A game where both teams played conservative in the first half,lacking offensive attack penetration with few chances of scoring goals ending the first half scoreless.During the second half, the US made few subtitutes but the offensive attack did not improve and reached the Keylor Navas' goal with no major threat.

Cost Rica had better chances of scoring and were very close in scoring few occasions but Tim Howard managed to save keeping the game scoreless.Then after numerous attempts from the offensive attack, Joel Campbell scored the only goal of the game at the 70th minute giving Costa Rica the victory with 1-0 over the US.

"There are not only sunshine days," he said. "We had a lot of sunshine, 2012, 2013, 2014. Now it's raining a little bit, and you've got to go through that. Maybe you have to go through a little bit of mud as well."

Said Klinsmann after the gme.""We are on rough stretch right now but this will pass like any other thing in life and once the rain and the dark cloud pass, We will see better results"Said Coach Klinsmann after the game."I understand that the fans are not happy for the latest results & I'm not happy as a coach as well "said Klinsmann regarding about losing 5 out of 6 games prior to Elimination Rounds for the Upcoming 2018 Russia World Cup.

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