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NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,08.02.16)The Real Madrid head coach " Zinedine Zidane" attended a press conference in NYC prior to the much anticipated match between Bayern of Munich vs Real Madrid in the international champions cup @ Metlife Stadium and this is what he said:

Zinedine Zidane:"I'm happy with the work we done, I'm satisfied with this tour. we were able to work well in canada. Now in the third game what we want or I want is for the team continue to grow and get better with the players on the field.As the players gets more minutes especially those that will start the game otherwise I'm happy with the results I got.Said Zidane regarding about how he feels about the pre-season and accomplishment during the 17 days tour.

Zinedine Zidane:"The pressure in this club is every day, from coaching the Real Madrid , playing with this club,I've been with this club for so many years and the pressure I alway have and had but it's a something that I like because always with the pressure you always get better.said Zidane regarding about " the pressure to do better from previous season.

Zidene Zidane: "To improve the team is difficult but what we have to do is reach the objective always to try to  win what is ahead for us and what will do this year is to try to win all what is coming against us but we are ready and I'm happy with our team, we are working hard and we'll see but it's going to be a very difficult year without of doubt and I'm happy to beging this new upcoming season.

Zadine said about " How is it planning to improve the team this upcoming season ?

Zidene Zidane:"Very happy beacuse I have a lot respect for Carlo, well I used be a player 

and played under him so many  years back and I admired him a lot and learned a lot and it's my turn to lead Real Madrid thanks to him and re-encounter with him I will salute him with all my respect.Said Zidene regarding about, What did you learn from Carlo Angelotti and 

What does it represent to you to reunite with in tomorrow's match in NYC ?

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